Readers respond to WSWS statement vs. Iraq war

The following is a selection of letters received on the September 9 World Socialist Web Site Editorial Board statement, “Oppose US war against Iraq! Build an international movement against imperialism!

Bravo and very well done gentlemen for your excellent article and for your very forceful and ominous analysis of the increasingly corrupt US economic/political system, under the current US administration.

Bush’s fraudulent war against terrorism and the constant propaganda of lies aimed at supporting and/or justifying his impending attack against an impoverished Iraq are a blatant cover, as you rightly point out, for his predatory perpetual war strategy at home and abroad to deceive, plunder and destroy!

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I agree with your piece on Iraq, as it is a penetrating analysis. I am not sure that a war with Russia or China is likely, however. Nevertheless, I applaud your stance.

On the news today I heard some scientists arguing that Iraq could obtain nuclear weapons with the help of another nation. Who couldn’t?

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Thanks for this good article. It is strong on background. My current concern, however, is what is possible in terms of Congress.

I am puzzled that you do not refer to the Constitution, Article One, section 8. This makes clear that only Congress can declare war. There is no language giving corresponding powers to the chief executive. Therefore all Bush’s references to graciously “consulting” the Congress are so much BS: he has to. Failure would be a high crime or misdemeanor, since he is sworn to uphold the Constitution.

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Dear editor,

I just read your editorial board statement of September 9 and I am thoroughly under its spell. I have never liked politics, and only in recent years, spiked in particular by what happened a year ago, have I tried to make sense of what’s going on in the world.

The picture you paint of a US power elite playing a violent game of global monopoly is not a pretty one, but that doesn’t make it any less true. I think you are right on the money, about what is, and now I’m going to look further into your site about what you suggest as far as what to do.

That’s where the million-dollar questions lie; what a shame that it’s such a struggle to get ourselves in greater numbers to acknowledge what is, so we can devote more of our energies exploring possible avenues of action.

All the best to you,