More letters on the capture of Saddam Hussein

27 December 2003

Below we post a recent selection of letters on “Saddam Hussein’s capture will not resolve Iraqi quagmire,” “The official US response to the capture of Saddam Hussein: a degrading spectacle,” and “Day three of US media coverage of Hussein’s capture: no let-up in the hysteria.”

I agree with you that the US political and media establishment’s response to the capture of Saddam Hussein has been disgusting. It is unsporting to heap abuse on anyone who has already been utterly defeated. “Don’t kick a man when he’s down” is a common saying.

As the Greek tragedians and Shakespeare well knew, even a bloody tyrant can be made the object of sympathy by a cruel turn of fate. Perhaps the media is already aware that they risk turning Mr. Hussein into such a sympathetic character by continuing the mocking treatment (“looked like a homeless guy”, “rat in a hole”, etc.) and the calls for blood — by Tuesday of this week the morning “news” shows were already giving as much time to hyping new allegations in the Kobe Bryant rape case as they were Saddam’s capture.


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

17 December 2003

* * *

Thanks for expressing so well the state of American degeneration.

We have an ugly administration in power and the Congress; the Supremes are not too far behind. I find it hard to believe our nation has sunk so low in 3 years! My grandchildren will be exposed to this ugliness for some time I’m afraid. These young people are now exposed to the ugliness of war and the treatment of our “enemies.” These neo-cons/Christians (so called) are ripping the cloak of decency away from them. Let’s hope this terrible regime will be gone in 2004.

Thanks again.


17 December 2003

* * *

To the editor:

Thank you for your excellent article of December 16 on the loathsome response to and exploitation of news of Saddam Hussein’s capture by the American government and the complicit media. Such behavior is to be expected of the criminal administration now in power, and, even more sadly, of the establishment media. The stage-managed press conference Paul Bremer held following the capture was especially telling. The on-cue whooping and cheering by members of the media at Bremer’s announcement was pathetic and embarrassing to the few remaining journalists who adhere to professional standards of impartiality and critical inquiry. That adolescent display only affirms to the thugs in power that the media are willing accomplices in their crimes against humanity.



17 December 2003

* * *

I happened to see the live TV show the press conference of Bremer, Sanchez and Pachachi, on Sunday (Dec 14). That was one of the few such I have seen, and I wondered at the protocols and manners exhibited by them. Since it was by some of the officials, I expected it to be somewhat formal and sober. But I was a bit surprised when Bremer started off: “Ladies and gentlemen, we got him!” Then I thought, “Maybe that is just an American expression, not meant to be arrogant. Perhaps I am not used to it.”

Later my opinion changed. I felt the video clippings of the manner of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein’s ruffled long hair and beard and haggard face, being handled by a doctor were shown intentionally to demean him. The close up of the probing of Saddam’s hair and his wide open mouth did not appear dignified. They were demeaning and need not have been shown to the public. A view of Saddam being honorably led into a waiting vehicle would have sufficed. (Arab and Muslim traditions have a significance for a man’s beard. Shaving his beard off should be his choice, not the enemy’s.)

When some of the audience started jumping and cheering with raised arms upon seeing captured Saddam on the video, I wondered whether they were professional reporters or a mob brought in to cheer the organizers.


Hyderabad, India

17 December 2003

* * *

Saddam Hussein’s sons were, “Terminated With Extreme Prejudice,” removing any possibility of The BushMobile being exposed through firsthand testimony for allowing the atrocities for which these two creeps would have been tried. No witness, no case. Sound familiar? It sure does to me. On behalf of the “Human Being” Americans, I extend a sincere apology for the destruction this uninvited child has wreaked on the world. We, the thinkers, descendants of pioneers, are shamed, embarrassed and humiliated by the behavior of the despots temporarily in place. Please remember this unwelcome occupant of the White House was not elected. It was a political coup. I never thought I would live to see the day my own government would turn into a Hitler/Stalin nightmare.


17 December 2003

* * *


Thanks to Mr. Walsh for a very eloquent and superbly written article, very much on target and to the point. One wishes it were required reading for all Americans!


American expat in Paris.

17 December 2003

* * *

I too was disturbed by the U.S. imperialists’ handling of the Saddam capture. No doubt he will be drugged, tortured and abused at their hands. It is already clear that spin and propaganda permeate each release of “information” from the U.S. and their lackeys.

Thank you for writing a powerful and well argued analysis.


16 December 2003

* * *

The US is using the capture of Saddam Hussein for propaganda, which is a violation of the Geneva Convention! They stripped him of his dignity and tried humiliating him by showing him throughout the world. They must have given him some powerful drugs to have him so submissive and humble. This man was confused, disoriented and haggard.



17 December 2003

* * *

Dear Mr. Walsh,

Thank you for articulating what I, and I hope many of us, have been thinking. This is the most disgusting display of human degradation since perhaps the Rosenbergs’ execution. How can Americans have the audacity to wonder how a Timothy McVey is created when they themselves have created a matrix of brutalitarianism that enables such monstrous behavior.

Once again the world’s perception of America as an inhumane, sadistic nation has been reaffirmed. I only hope that the rest of the world realizes that their perception is shared by many of us within this country.

I, too, understand that Saddam Hussein is not a poster child for victims of abuse. But regardless of his deeds, it benefits no one to be force fed insulting images of his medical examination. His treatment isn’t even as much of an issue as the way it is being so typically, single-mindedly exploited by the media.



16 December 2003

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