Socialist Equality Party public meeting in Britain

No to the European Union—Yes to the United Socialist States of Europe

Due to a scheduled strike by London Underground workers, the Socialist Equality Party has rescheduled its public meeting for Sunday June 13.

The meeting will be host to Uli Rippert, national secretary of the Partei fur Soziale Gleichheit of Germany and the head of the party's list in the European elections.

Within a few days of voting for the European Parliament having taken place in Britain, Rippert will outline an independent political strategy on which to unify the struggles of the European and international working class.

In opposition to the European Union, shaped as it is solely by the interests of big business, the SEP and the PSG are waging a common offensive for the creation of a United Socialist States of Europe. Also speaking will be Chris Marsden, national secretary of the SEP.

Reports at the meeting will explain how a Europe under the political control of the working class would provide an essential counterweight to the resurgence of militarism and colonial conquest being spearheaded by the Bush administration in the United States and its allies. Speakers will stress that such a progressive strategy must be based on implacable hostility to all sections of the European bourgeoisie, their own military pretensions and anti-social economic policies. This demands a determined struggle against all attempts to destroy essential welfare measures, jobs and democratic rights by the political representatives of big business.

Sunday June 13, 2 p.m.
Rooms 3D, University of London Union
Mallet Street, WC1
(nearest tube: Euston, Euston Square, Goodge St)