A letter from Morocco on the Qana massacre

On “The Qana massacre: Slaughter of innocents in Lebanon”

I read carefully your article and particularly this statement: “Such methods have been the stock in trade of the Zionist state from its foundation. Violence and terror against civilians have been repeatedly used to drive Arabs from their villages, farms and homes in order to increase the territory held by Israel.”

This is the first time I that I have read such a statement from an editorial board where there is not a name of an Arab, in addition to the quality of the writing! Such articles should be published in United States! The problem is that Americans are very afraid of socialism, for reasons you certainly do know better than I.

I am suffering every day when I see the war crimes of this “ramassis” of Zionist war criminals. However, after reading your article, I started to believe again in the “humanity” of non-Muslims. I have one question: Do the persons on the editorial board originate from the same country?

The Palestinian children and the Qana children do have friends in the socialist world: should all of us become socialist for the sake of our souls? Definitely imperialism is evil!

Thank you for the truth: you are so courageous.


Rabat, Morocco

31 July 2006