Protesters opposing closure of Sheffield’s Abbeydale Grange School speak to WSWS


On July 17, parents, pupils and staff protested outside the Town Hall in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to oppose the closure of Abbeydale Grange School. The Liberal Democrat-led Sheffield City Council cabinet voted to close the secondary school by August 2010. Only the remaining Year 11 students are to stay until final closure in July 2011. The World Socialist Web Site covered the protest rally and spoke to staff and parents (see “Britain: Protests continue against closure of Abbeydale Grange secondary school”).

Abbeydale Grange has a reputation for offering a welcoming place for students whose families have come to Britain to escape persecution. The school has pupils from over 100 countries, with over fifty-five languages spoken. It offers places for children who have had difficulty coping with their previous schools. Some new arrivals not only have no English language, but have never attended school. Its pupils have made remarkable achievements—academically, in sport, the arts, science and the media.