SEP Public Meeting

For a unified struggle of Detroit workers!

Already suffering from a deep economic recession, workers in Detroit are now faced with a coordinated attack on their jobs and living conditions. Mayor David Bing is demanding a new round of concessions from city workers. The city is also attempting to force teachers to accept layoffs and wage and benefit cuts. Dozens of schools are being shutdown or privatized. Unprecedented cuts have already been forced on auto workers, and thousands of jobs have been wiped out. The city is planning on implementing further cuts in bus routes and eliminating or privatizing other essential social services.

Throughout the country, the corporate and financial elite is using the economic crisis to increase the exploitation of the working class. The Obama administration has continued the policy of its predecessor in handing out trillions to the banks. As a result, the Wall Street firms and executives are doing better than ever. It is the working class that is being forced to pay. 

The Socialist Equality Party is calling this critical public meeting to discuss the necessary organizational and political strategy for the working class to oppose this attack. We encourage all workers and students in the Detroit area to attend this meeting.

Tuesday, September 8 
7 pm
Wayne State University
General Lectures Room 150
5045 Anthony Wayne Drive, Detroit


D’Artagnan Collier, SEP Detroit mayoral candidate
Joe Kishore, SEP National Secretary

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