Michigan Public Meeting

Lessons of the Oakland University professors’ strike

Public education is under attack in the United States at every level, from kindergarten through university. Oakland University students have been hit with a 67 percent tuition increase over the last six years, including 9 percent this year. Following a recent strike, a temporary agreement will force faculty members to accept further inroads into their living standards, including a virtual pay freeze.

Politicians of both parties claim that there are no funds for education, even as the national treasury has been looted of trillions of dollars to provide a blank check to the investment bankers and CEOs. This has been the policy of both Republicans and Democrats, the Bush and Obama administrations.

The ISSE invites Oakland University students, university employees, professors and area residents to attend this public meeting to discuss the experience of the recent strike and a socialist perspective for the defense of education.

Thursday, September 24

Oakland Center, Lake Superior Room
Speaker: Joe Kishore, National Secretary of the SEP