Striking Los Angeles education workers speak out on second day of strike

Unable to continue slaving away for poverty wages in one of the most expensive cities in the world, thousands of education workers, including janitors, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff and teachers continued to publicly demonstrate on Wednesday.

Jacob Crosse, Renae Cassimeda, Our Reporters

65,000 school workers begin three-day strike in Los Angeles

Workers in the America’s second-largest district, which serves 420,000 students are demanding improvements on short staffing, high workloads and class sizes and poverty wages, made worse by skyrocketing inflation.

Norisa Diaz
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Rank-and-File Committees

The way forward for the strike by 65,000 Los Angeles school workers

Having launched a three-day strike, LA educators now confront the need to mobilize ourselves independently in order to expand our struggle and appeal for the widest possible unity and support from workers throughout the city and the world.

West Coast Educators Rank and File Safety Committee

The UAW sellout at Caterpillar and the way forward

We made the decision to found the Caterpillar Workers Rank-and-File Committee earlier this year because we understood, based on the UAW bureaucracy’s previous record of sellouts and betrayals, that it would not fight for us, and that any real struggle for workers’ rights and interests would have to be organized from below.

Caterpillar Workers Rank-and-File Committee
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