Socialist Equality Party public meetings in Britain: A socialist policy against mass unemployment and cuts

4 August 2010

The Socialist Equality Party in Britain is holding public meetings in August and September to put forward a socialist programme to oppose the massive austerity programme outlined by the incoming Conservative Party/Liberal Democrat government.

The coalition has announced the most savage public spending cuts in Europe. As much as £100 billion will be cut by 2015, including a three-year public sector pay freeze, pay cuts, tax rises, an attack on pensions, and hundreds of thousands of job losses.

This will lead to 1.3 million jobs lost, driving official unemployment to between 3 and 4 million. The most vulnerable are being targeted by cuts to Housing Benefit and a campaign to drive at least half a million off Incapacity Benefit. Graduate unemployment will soar to as much as 25 percent. These austerity measures are part of a global process that is plunging the UK and the world economy into a second round of recession deeper than 2008. They are a declaration of war against working people on behalf of the corporate elite.

Only a political and industrial mobilisation the entire working class can meet the challenge of the government and the employers. Such a movement must be aimed at bringing down the government and poses the questions: Who will lead such a struggle? What will replace the Tories and Liberal Democrats in power?

Workers are faced with breaking from the straitjacket of the trade unions and their Labour accomplices, through establishing genuine rank-and-file organisations of class struggle. It means that workers must build their own party, the Socialist Equality Party, committed to the struggle for power and a socialist programme for the reorganisation of economic life through a unified movement of workers throughout Europe and the world.

To discuss these issues make plans to attend the meetings in your area.

Tuesday 10 August
Friends Meeting House
6 Mount Street
(rear of Manchester Central Library)
M2 5NS

Wednesday 11 August
Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square (nearest station: Holborn tube, about 3 minutes walk)

Saturday 4 September
East Oxford Community Association
44b Princes Street (corner of Cowley Road)

Saturday 4 September
Hillhead Library
348 Byres Rd
G12 8AP

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