Video: Nick Beams explains Socialist Equality Party election program

Today the World Socialist Web Site is publishing a YouTube video address by Socialist Equality Party national secretary and WSWS International Editorial Board member Nick Beams, outlining the party’s program in its campaign for the 2010 Australian federal elections.


Beams, a leading authority on Marxist political economy, is standing for the SEP in the Senate in New South Wales, heading a slate of 13 SEP candidates across the country. The SEP is advancing a socialist and internationalist alternative to war and militarism, social inequality and the escalating attack on democratic rights.


In the SEP’s eight-and-a-half-minute video, Beams explains that the ousting of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a political coup on June 23-24 exposes the decay of parliamentary democracy and of the Australian Labor Party itself. He outlines the socialist response to growing social inequality, militarism and war and environmental destruction and opposes the reactionary nationalist campaign for “border protection” and “sustainable population” launched by the major parties, including the Greens.

Capitalism, Beams argues, has failed, just as it did in the 1930s. The critical political task before Australian workers and young people, he insists, is the development of an independent political movement of the working class—against Labor, Liberal the Greens and the entire official political establishment—in unity with workers around the globe, and based on the fight for the socialist transformation of society as a whole. We urge World Socialist Web Site readers to view the SEP’s election broadcast and to share it with friends, co-workers and on social networking sites.


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