Video: SEP candidate speaks with residents in toxic dump area

The Tullamarine Hazardous Waste Landfill was used to dispose toxic industrial material—including known carcinogens such as liquid polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)—between 1972 and 2008. Nearby residents in the northern working class suburbs of Melbourne have long complained of dangerous gas emissions and ground water pollution.


Community group Terminate Tullamarine Toxic Dump Action Group has this year registered at least 194 incidents of cancer in the area. This appears to be a rate far higher than average. Lymphoma, myeloma, and pancreatic cancers were reported at especially high rates. These reports cast serious doubt on an official health study conducted in 2006 which denied the existence of any local cancer clusters.


In an attempt to sideline the issue ahead of the Victorian election on November 27, the state Labor government of Premier John Brumby announced last July that another study would be carried out, overseen by the Environment Protection Agency. The results of the investigation are due to be delivered by the end of the year—but only after the state election.


This video features Peter Byrne, Socialist Equality Party candidate for Broadmeadows, and interviews with local residents.



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