The Socialist Equality Party’s candidates for Manchester and Sheffield



Robert Skelton, 41, was born in Manchester and lives in Ardwick. In the 2010 General Election, Robert also stood as a candidate for the Socialist Equality Party in Manchester Central, which includes the Ardwick ward. Active in socialist politics since 1988, he writes regularly for the World Socialist Web Site, covering workers’ struggles across Europe. He was formerly employed in call centre, warehouse and IT support work until becoming a full-time carer.





Simon Walker, 41, was born in Sheffield and lives in the Walkley ward. Active in socialist politics since 1994, he writes for the World Socialist Web Site on British and international issues. Simon has a Ph.D. in Urban Studies from Sheffield Hallam University. He has lectured in Sociology and Human Geography at Leeds Metropolitan University, the University of Huddersfield and Sheffield Hallam University.