More letters on the killing of Osama bin Laden

Following are more letters to the World Socialist Web Site on its analyses of the killing of Osama bin Laden. Previous letters were published May 5.


On “Unanswered questions on US raid that killed bin Laden


There are more questions that may go unanswered. Why did Osama bin Laden choose to live at a great risk in the heart of Pakistan close to its premier military centre in a prominent-looking mansion? He must be aware of the manhunt by various parties, American and Pakistani, and the $50 million bounty offered. As per his will he was aware of possible “betrayers”. Could he be confident about the entire establishment that he and his large family would be safe? How were the helicopters and the 40 minutes of gunfire missed by the neighborhood, and the Pakistani government was unaware until the US forces informed it after scooting from Pakistan? It may be too much to expect the normal legal procedures usually followed when a person is killed. Why was Osama’s body stolen out of the country? Was it disposed of by the US forces urgently to prevent verification by the Pakistani government? Was it buried at sea instead of land to prevent its retrieval for more investigation?

4 May 2011

On “Washington’s official story unravels, confirming extra-legal execution of Bin Laden


Great article on Washington's shenanigans and Bin Laden's death by Barry Grey. Your idea that Washington has known Bin Laden's whereabouts for quite some time seems to be confirmed by the Guardian here.


It looks like the government had known for three years where Bin Laden was and they did nothing about it until after WikiLeaks published the information last week.


It's entirely possible that Obama decided to eliminate Bin Laden now because the information where Bin Laden had become public, even if nobody immediately picked up on this. In a way, Assange may have forced Obama's hand—obviously, it would have been a huge embarrassment for Obama, and undoubtedly the end of his political career and hopes for reelection if the fact became publicized.


Beata N
5 May 2011

On “The killing of Osama bin Laden: Obama’s ‘historic moment’


We shouldn't assume that in fact Osama was killed in this special forces raid and much begs us to consider this. If there is a body—habeas corpus!!—it is already reported to be in the deep blue, sequestered there by our military out of respect for “Muslim traditions”? New one on me, though how very thoughtful of them to save the Bin Ladens (proven friends of the Empire) the trouble and cost of a funeral! Further, our president’s claim of “national security” as the reasoning for not releasing pictures of the raid or the dead Osama, are again in complete tune and pattern of the specious modus operandi of our intelligence-backed special forces operations—cover up at all costs! The obvious question at least to me is, why, if in fact the truth now is (as it changes) that Osama was not armed nor used his wife for protection, was he not captured alive? Think of the joy CIA interrogators would have coaxing future fantastic plots he had been co-conspiring with his diabolical cohorts?....or would that be with his same interrogators?


Thank you, wsws.org, for pointing out many of the absurd inconsistencies and the perverse anti-democratic character of this charade.


Colorado, USA
5 May 2011





“By now, what words can one find to describe the mass media in the United States?” you write. So true!

I read about bin Laden's death in Ha'aretz, the Israeli daily, and literally groaned, dreading the thought of having to face the American media for the next several days, the lessons they'd draw and how they'd be swallowed whole. I felt the exact same way when I heard Jim McKay had died. “Oh, no!” I thought. “Here we go. The Munich Olympics again!”


5 May 2011

On “Letters on the killing of Osama bin Laden


I’m surprised they didn’t bring his head back to display in the Capitol. At the rate this society is freefalling, we may reach such a point sooner rather than later. Ugh.


David PN
5 May 2011


Reading these letters, which are all great comments on WSWS’ excellent article on the death of Osama Bin Laden, I could not help but think of a eerie parallel on another September 11 and led to another assassination by USA proxies. It was the attack on a palatial compound in Chile and the assassination of Salvador Allende. Herr Henry Kissinger, whom was undoubtedly up to his gun-slinging armpits in the Chilean coup, still roams the USA wild west as a free gunslinger, and even gives advice to Sheriff Obamabush! One day the people of the USA will awake, and like Pogo Possum will say, “I have seen the enemy and he is us,” err… USA?


WSWS rules.


p.s. How can Obama look into his mirror and shave both his faces?


5 May 2011