SEP (UK) public meetings

Oppose state repression against youth in Britain

The elemental eruption of social anger that has swept London and other British cities in recent days has exposed the entrenched poverty, discrimination and police brutality faced daily by many working class youth.

For 35 years the ruling elite has carried out a war against society in the interests of a parasitic financial elite that has looted public assets without restraint, leaving record levels of inequality and deprivation in their wake.

The immense social distress that presently prevails is set to worsen dramatically. It is no coincidence that the backdrop to the youth revolts is a new meltdown of the world’s stock markets. An orgy of speculation and greed on the part of small, super-rich elite has produced an economic catastrophe.

Massive state repression is now underway that has major implications for every worker and youth in Britain. Young people are being rounded up, pushed through courts that are sitting all night, and given draconian sentences for petty crimes, while the government prepares legislation to impose severe social “sanctions” against anyone involved in the disturbances.

The Socialist Equality Party invites all those opposed to this state repression, and concerned with social inequality and democratic rights, to attend our meetings to discuss the political way forward.


Wednesday 17 August, 7pm
Ross Street Community Centre
Ross Street (off Mill Road)
Cambridge, CB1 3UZ



Thursday 18 August, 6.45pm
Cockpit Theatre (Studio 3)
Gateforth Street (Off Church Street)
London, NW8 8EH
(nearest tube: Edgware Road/Bakerloo Line)


Thursday 18 August, 7pm
Patisserie Leila
88 Stokes Croft
Bristol, BS1 3RJ



Sunday August 21, 4pm
Friends Meeting House
6 Mount Street, M2 5NS
(behind Manchester Central Library)



Sunday August 21, 2pm
Walkley Community Centre,
7a Fir Street (off South Road)
Sheffield, S6 3TG