SEP Presidential candidate Jerry White to speak in Detroit Thursday evening: “Oppose Detroit budget cuts!”


WhiteSEP Presidential candidate Jerry White

SEP Presidential candidate Jerry White will be the featured speaker at a public meeting Thursday evening called by the Socialist Equality Party, the Committee Against Utility Shutoffs and the International Students for Social Equality to plan and organize a fight-back against the latest attacks on the jobs, wages and benefits of the working class in Detroit.


The political establishment is united in its determination to enforce a new wave of cost-cutting on a population already plagued by Depression-like conditions.

The Republican governor is pushing for an emergency manager or consent agreement to rip up labor contracts and sell off city assets. The Democratic Party mayor and city council, meanwhile, insist that they can impose sufficient cuts by working with the unions, which have already agreed to hundreds of millions of dollars in concessions.

All sides are agreed that workers must pay, differing only on how best to carry out this attack. All promote the lie that there is “no money” for decent pay and social services, even as the auto companies pull in huge profits after slashing the wages and benefits of auto workers.

Workers throughout metropolitan Detroit face a common fight. New organizations must be built to organize opposition throughout the region and fight for a socialist alternative to the profit system.

In addition to White, Lawrence Porter, chairman of CAUS and assistant national secretary of the SEP, will speak at the meeting.

Thursday, February 16, 6pm

First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Detroit
4605 Cass Avenue (corner of Forest)
Detroit, MI 48201