SEP candidate Jerry White to participate in online Q&A forum Tuesday

The first of three presidential debates begins next Wednesday in Denver, Colorado, without the participation of any representative of any party other than the Democrats and Republicans. Without direct access to major news sources, the Socialist Equality Party is relying on new media sources to reach out to the growing number of Americans who are looking for a working class alternative to the two parties of Wall Street.

On Tuesday, October 2, Jerry White will participate in an online forum on the Internet site Reddit, answering questions about his campaign and the perspective of the SEP. An iAMA (“i Am A...”) page on Reddit is a forum in which web users can post questions, “upvote” or “downvote” comments, and engage in dialog with a host.

Readers of the WSWS are encouraged to participate. White will be personally responding to the questions posed by users during the forum.

Event details:

Tuesday, October 2, 5:00 pm US Eastern time (for time conversion, click here)