Jerry White interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio

Jerry White, the Socialist Equality Party candidate for US president, was interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio Monday, in the program, “At Issue with Ben Merens.” The 20-minute long interview was broadcast throughout the state.

“The Socialist Equality Party is running in order to provide a socialist alternative to the two big business parties,” White said. “Whether Obama or Romney wins on November 6, there is already a bipartisan agreement for escalating war abroad… And also there is a bipartisan agreement to escalate the war against the living standards, social benefits and social rights of the working class within the United States.”

White reviewed the program of the SEP, his own political experiences, the role of the trade unions, and the lessons of the 2011 Wisconsin protests against Governor Scott Walker. He answered listener questions on the attack on democratic rights and the Second Amendment.


The full interview is available here or can be downloaded in mp3 format here.