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On Director Kathryn Bigelow defends her indefensible Zero Dark Thirty

Thank you, David, for keeping up the pressure against Bigelow and her brown tongue for the CIA. She is a collaborator in, and cheerleader for, all of the atrocities committed by U.S. imperialism. Her attempts to justify her film and her role as apologist for barbaric practices and lies are not only repugnant. They are lame. She is unconvincing to “anyone with a brain” and her self-justification reveals her desperation to hold on to whatever following she may have had. She has become “embedded” in the military mindset. Redemption is impossible.

California, USA
18 January 2013

* * *

Another stimulating salvo! I’m currently under fire for not seeing two films by defenders of the directors. Fair enough! But I’ve viewed all but two of one director’s films and cannot take another follow-up to The Hurt Locker. I respect what David has to say and may eventually see the films on DVD. But I feel that going to see Bigelow’s latest atrocity out of duty is the equivalent of watching Hitler’s home movie of the executions of the Bomb Plot conspirators. I know it is there but I don’t particularly want to see it. However, we can all happily look forward to Jodie Foster finally completing her film biopic of Leni Riefenstahl as a feminist. After all, did not some 70s feminists come up with the phrase, “Women can never do any wrong.” Apparently, not in today’s Hollywood.

Tony W
18 January 2013

* * *

Zero Dark Thirty has yet to screen in Australia but from comments I’ve seen on various blogs, including Salon.com, posted by people who have seen it, I gather that the film does portray torture as having contributed to OBL’s capture and death, and its characters as having no qualms about using torture and/or wanting to use torture as well as or in preference to using other methods. Bigelow’s carefully worded defence of her film is disingenuous and insincere, and reveals a disturbingly limited mindset lacking in reflection and insight into her own and others’ behaviour and motivations. One would think such an ability is what distinguishes a film-director with a career and a definite vision from a person who happens to make films with stories.

Jennifer H
19 January 2013