Letters from our readers

On “Letter from a N4ew York City school bus driver

This is a very moving letter. It is good to know the WSWS is having this kind of impact on school bus drivers in New York. More striking school bus drivers should be encouraged to write us letters. This kind of thing is important reading for workers everywhere as well as for SEP members.

Rosa S
5 February 2013

* * *

What a great letter. Thank you Grace for writing it & thank you WSWS for all your help & support you give us. I am sharing this letter on my Facebook page.

Laura A
New York, USA
5 February 2013

On “New York City cops aid strike-breakers

Dear WSWS,

As a supporter of the strike and a longtime reader of your website, I was disturbed but not surprised to read this piece. Should serve as a much needed antidote who those who claim police officers are natural allies of the working class. I think evidence of scabbing by police would provoke outrage in the labor community and perhaps give the strike a much needed jolt of support. But the details in your piece remain hazy. I'm wondering if you can provide any more information about the origin, date and time of these pictures, and/or high resolution images while preserving the anonymity of your source. This is something that should not go ignored, but I'm concerned that as it stands, the unverified eyewitness report will not attract much notice.

Abe W
5 February 2013

On “Alabama standoff ends with death of hostage-taker

This article very thoughtfully expresses what I have been feeling about the Alabama school bus tragedy, including the contrast between the media coverage of the killings of Sykes and Kyle. As someone who grew up in Dothan, Alabama, a stone's throw from Midland City and from Ft. Rucker, and someone who married a Vietnam veteran, helicopter pilot, and graduate of Rucker's School of Aviation, this piece really hits home with me.

Catherine W
Michigan, USA
5 February 2013

* * *

I am a veteran of 20 years military service. What I find puzzling and, my question is, “Why would Mr. Kyle rehabilitate traumatized veterans in which violence was part of the traumatizing by taking them to a gun range?” If Mr. Kyle was not traumatized by killing 150 people perhaps it was a case of a person with psychopathic tendencies trying to rehabilitate a normal person who was traumatized by killing and driven to act in a way that expressed his frustrations and mental state. I suppose a deeper look into the situation may reveal that the imperialistic United States, and its imperialistic partners, using working class people to expand the never satiated capitalism. Oh well, just “necessary sacrifices” of the capitalistic system!

Ken S
Wisconsin, USA
5 February 2013

* * *

Besides historical, political, theoretical, social, economical and environmental disasters, the bourgeoisie is criminally responsible for the psychological crises that prevail among individuals in society. With a victim being victimized, attention is diverted from the principal enemy of the masses… the bourgeoisie.

Lots of parallels with that of the Delhi rape incident, where one social disease (capital punishment) is argued as a medicine for another social disease (rape).

I, as a socialist, do support execution! But the subject of execution should be the system, which is run for private profit and not for human needs.

Thanks for the article.


5 February 2013