New Detroit emergency manager owes back taxes

Kevyn Orr, the Washington, DC bankruptcy attorney appointed as Detroit’s emergency manager last Thursday, and the office of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, who appointed him, are scrambling in an attempt at damage control over revelations of Orr’s personal taxes.

Orr has two outstanding liens on his million-dollar Chevy Chase, Maryland home for $16,000 in unpaid taxes.

A spokeswoman for Snyder said, “There was apparently an oversight related to a childcare provider unemployment insurance payment. This didn’t come up in any of the vetting.” The governor’s office says Orr will settle the debt “ASAP.”

Orr claimed that he was unaware of the liens and blames it on the negligence of his tax accountant. Including the two liens that have just come to light, records show that a total of four liens were placed on the same house in the last four years for unemployment and income taxes.

Joel Kurth and Chad Livengood of the Detroit News, who uncovered the liens by searching online, noted that the situation is ironic “since Orr is tasked with improving tax collections.”

Upon accepting his new $275,000 a year position, Orr declared, “I’m prepared to be the most hated man for a period of time.”