Video: Nick Beams explains SEP election campaign on YouTube

Today the World Socialist Web Site is publishing a YouTube video address by Socialist Equality Party national secretary Nick Beams, who is also a member of the WSWS International Editorial Board.

Beams is standing as an SEP Senate candidate in New South Wales for the September 7 election in Australia. The party is standing 10 candidates nationally—in the main states of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

Beams explains that none of the fundamental issues that produced the global financial crisis in 2008 have been resolved and warns that whichever party forms government after the September 7 election will impose far-reaching austerity measures on the working class.

The SEP is advancing a socialist and internationalist alternative to war, austerity and the escalating attack on democratic rights.

Beams emphasises that the critical political task before workers and young people is the development of an independent political movement—against Liberal, Labor, the Greens and the entire official political establishment—based on the fight for a workers’ government and the socialist transformation of society

The WSWS will be posting video comments from other SEP Senate candidates in the lead-up to the September 7 election.

Authorised by Nick Beams, 113/55 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne VIC 3051