UK public meetings: Hands off Syria!

The US and Britain are intent on war against Syria in defiance of mass public opposition, which had forced the UK parliament to vote against an immediate attack.

The official reasons given for a military assault are a pack of unsubstantiated lies, a collection of pretexts aimed at justifying a policy that was planned long in advance.

Even while formally engaging in talks with Russian negotiators ostensibly aimed at forestalling a military attack, US officials announced they were directly arming and supplying the Islamist opposition inside Syria. Britain too is stepping up aid to the opposition forces that the Western powers and their allies in the Gulf states have financed, armed and trained as part of encouraging a sectarian war aimed at regime-change.

Their reckless actions, which threaten a wider military conflagration, can only be understood within the context of the geopolitical, economic and social crisis of American and European capitalism, and the world imperialist system as a whole.

If war and dictatorship are to be stopped, the working class and youth must fight back! The Socialist Equality Party calls for the organisation of demonstrations, rallies, teach-ins and other popular manifestations of anti-war sentiment against the war in Syria. These must be organised at workplaces, campuses and schools throughout the country.

The working class must be armed with an independent programme and perspective, based on the fight for equality and socialism. Come to one of the public meetings organised by the Socialist Equality Party and International Youth and Students for Social Equality to discuss and fight back against war and the destruction of democratic rights.


Wednesday, September 18, 6:30 PM
The Gumption Centre


Thursday, September 19, 7 PM
Conway Hall (Bertrand Russell Room)
25 Red Lion Square
(nearest Tube: Holborn—about 3 minutes walk)


Tuesday, September 24, 7:30 PM
The International Society
Room 1
327 Oxford Road
M13 9PG


Wednesday, September 25, 7 PM
Partick Burgh Hall (Room 9)
Burgh Hall St
G11 5LN


Tuesday October 1, 7pm
3 Abercromby Square
University of Liverpool
L7 7EE


Friday October 4, 6pm  
University of London Union (ULU) Room 2A
Malet Street (nearest tubes - Goodge Street and Russell Square) 


Monday October 7, 7pm 
St Matthews Meeting Rooms 
Carver Street 
S1 4FE 


Friday October 18, 7pm 
Friends Meeting House
12 Jesus Lane
CB5 8BA 


Tuesday, October 22, 7 PM
Oxford Town Hall (Jury Room)
St Aldate’s