Letters from our readers

On “US imperialism and the proxy war in Syria

Thanks so very much for posting this recent lecture by David North. The history and understanding of David North presented here greatly improved my understanding of aggressive military US policy. This lecture I think is invaluable and should be available to read at your home page for a very long time.

Peter L

Maine, USA

20 September 2013

On “Poverty grows in Germany’s large cities

Last Friday there was a piece on the news about food banks in Germany. The British film crew had a hard job getting anyone to speak to the camera such is the shame about being seen there. One middle-aged, well educated ex-librarian described what was happening and I sensed she felt a sense of history repeating itself—1918, the ’30s, 1945, and now 2013. Deep down, I think the Germans feel they can take nothing for granted.

Philip A

21 September 2013

On “The US health care overhaul and the social rights of the working class

My Medicare goes into effect on October first. I hope I can get my cataract surgery before they hike the price yet again. This system is a disaster for everybody, old or young. What does the government think is going to happen to all of the people who cannot afford any kind of healthcare? Are we all going to be left to die in the streets? The shameful decline of the United States continues. The government no longer cares that "the whole world is watching". Their contempt for humanity is shocking in its naked brutality. No gloves for the future.


California, USA

20 September 2013

On “The Washington Navy Yard shooting

The tragedy that occurred at the Washington Navy Yard was a workplace shooting that just happened to have taken place at a military installation. The attempts by members of Congress and the Administration to emphasize issues of security clearance and national security are superfluous and are designed to distract attention from the fact that this shooting could have happened, and has happened, at any workplace in America. This distraction is used by the government to avoid the more important issues of gun culture and violence, mental health issues, and the strains of a vastly unequal economic system that pervade this nation.


Maryland, USA

21 September 2013

On “The feverish pulse of the early 20th century: George Bellows, American modernist

Tim: Congratulations on your study of Bellows and your extensive history of his life and the social context. The show, which I saw at the Met, deserves this kind of attention. I'd be interested to know the reaction in London.


New York, USA

21 September 2013