Letters from our readers

On A half-century since the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

This is probably the best explanation of the Kennedy assassination one will ever get to read.

David North is one of the world’s most eminent writers. He is able to explain complicated data in a way that is very understandable. And he deals in facts and not the bought and paid for propaganda we get in Western mainstream newspapers. Thank you David, for your excellent article on the Kennedy assassination.

I wish David North was writing about the seemingly criminal activity of Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper and his Reform/Conservative Alliance Party (CRAP) as Harper has changed Democracy in Canada, and set the country back countless years.

It is obvious now that he has been controlling the Canadian Senate, by appointing criminally inclined minions who are rewarding him by campaigning and fund raising on Senate time.

The Senate scandal, the Robo Call scandal are hopefully going to sink the Harper Ship.

But we need our own David North, to write our history of this CRAP destruction of Canada.


New Brunswick, Canada

22 November 2013

On The significance of British comedian Russell Brands call for revolution

If one—like Brand—spoke about the coming revolution in the past, he got laughed at.

Now it has changed and this alone shows us: Brand is right!

Times of revolution are not funny—on the contrary. But the “fundamental change” (another word for revolution) is inevitable like the autumn storms. Everyone will be forced to find his place.


22 November 2013

On London Mayor Boris Johnsons paean to the super-rich

Well done. What a peach of an article. Great article. It is simple like truth and reality. Should be added the body of literature which describes the rich and greedy. You have my reader’s loyalty.


22 November 2013

On 50 dead in plane crash in Russia

Very true article. Actually this tragedy reflects the continued deterioration of the socioeconomic infrastructure after capitalist restoration in Russia. And we can consider the plane catastrophe as a mass killing committed by profit system. That’s the point!


Moscow, Russia

20 November 2013

On Socialist Alternative boasts of Democratic Party, union support in Minneapolis City Council election

Opportunists harp upon pragmatism which includes immediate and short time gains like the present electoral victory of Kshama Sawant in Seattle. Needless to say that the victory demonstrates the falling graph of popular support for Democrats in the US and an obvious radical shift in the mood of the working class, but of course this would lead to re-doubled effort of big-business to chain the working class to new poles of bourgeois power, preventing it from attacking the capitalist establishment as a whole. This is done through creating illusions in the time-tested organisations that march under the false banner of Marxism. There can’t be two views on the issue apart from its politics as a whole, the floated platform in city councils’ fray in the US by ISO affiliate SA was too limited politically and consequently bordered upon the fringes of the platform of Democrats....

Rajesh T

21 November 2013

On US imperialism returns to the scene of a crime

US wars, especially counterinsurgencies, are fought on a racial or ethnic basis. There is almost no other way to send boys, really, thousands of miles from home to fight people they do not know, speak languages they do not understand, and have cultures they do not understand, and are probably incapable of doing so anyway. This is where the long and intense, but lately subtle, racism of US society comes in.

I read the Filipino insurrection was the first time US troops used the slur “gooks”. Also, that they needed a justification for murdering brown Asians. They came up with the fact that Native Americans were, in essence, brown and Asian, so there should be no problem, it was just an extension of prior domestic practice.

The same practice has been used since against the Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and, most recently, Arabs.

In truth, though, the US ruling elite do not perceive themselves as overly racist or ethnocentric, and would bristle at the charge. There is probably truth in this in their personal lives, but not their political policies. It has been said that the only color of the ruling elite is green, the color of dollar bills.

Racism and ethnocentrics are simply tools of imperialism to attain and maintain power. It makes poor whites, and selected members of minorities allowed into the club, to feel superior to others without any real cost to the elite. They, racism and ethnocentrism, also serve as a warning to the ones asked to do the elite’s dirty work what awaits them if they defy orders.

Tommy R

21 November 2013