German PSG releases European election broadcast

On Friday, the Socialist Equality Party (PSG) released its broadcast for the European elections. The PSG election spot places at its centre the struggle against the threat of war. The spot will be broadcast on leading German television channels on a number of occasions in the coming weeks leading up to the European elections. The first speaker in the spot is the chairman and leading candidate of the PSG, Ulrich Rippert. The second speaker is Christoph Vandreier, candidate and deputy chairman of the PSG. An English translation of the text of the spot is printed below.

Ulrich Rippert: 100 years after the start of the First World War the German government is once again preparing for war. It has provoked a crisis in Ukraine, which it is now exploiting to rearm its military forces.

President Gauck, Chancellor Merkel, Foreign Minister Steinmeier, the Greens and the Left Party support the war policy with the unanimous support of the media.

It’s a provocation. It begins with lies and will end in disaster. We are the only party to oppose this development. Never again! Two world wars are enough!

Christoph Vandreier: Millions in Europe are unemployed and condemned to poverty. Despite the monstrous crimes resulting from two world wars and the Nazi terror, German imperialism is once again responding with war.

We appeal to all workers and young people: Do not permit another generation to be sacrificed on the altar of great power interests!

Combine the opposition to war with the struggle for socialism!Turn the European election into a referendum against war! Vote PSG!

The spot is available here. English subtitles can be activated in the bottom right-hand corner.