PSG campaign: “It is not true that the Western powers stand for democracy and human rights”

The German Socialist Equality Party (PSG) has placed the struggle against war at the centre of its campaign for the forthcoming European election. The widespread rejection of the aggressive foreign policy in Ukraine pursued by the German government and the NATO powers finds no expression in the official media. Under these conditions the PSG has won an important response from workers and young people. In the course of campaigning PSG teams of supporters spoke with workers in Russelsheim, centre of the operations of GM-Opel in Germany, and also with young people attending May Day rallies in Berlin. Below are a selection of comments:

Massimo (45), Opel Rüsselsheim

“It is not true that the Western powers stand for democracy and human rights. They are only interested in increasing their own power. I believe that the crisis of capitalism is behind all of this. Each power is only out to make its own pile at the expense of the others. Putin is also trying to show his teeth. Such a situation then leads to international conflicts. The German government is a driving force behind this.

“I wish you great success in your campaign against the danger of war. One really has to do something to prevent it. The situation is extremely dangerous.”

Nuri, Opel Rüsselsheim

“I’m afraid that war is not preventable anymore. Germany already got involved in the war in Yugoslavia at the end of the 1990s. In my view, the west wants war!

“No one knows whether the coming war will last six days or six months. I am from Turkey, which is right in the neighborhood.

“This story must have an end. For some it is only about money. Russia is isolated. The NATO countries have encircled Russia. It’s no wonder that Russia feels threatened. All the preparations have been made for the next war.”

Karl, at a May Day demonstration in Berlin

“We are very close to a war that could easily turn into a world war. The western powers are directing developments in Ukraine for the purpose of encircling Russia. Ever since the reunification of Germany, they have surrounded Russia, just like they did with China and the Far East. In my opinion, they have used money, weapons and so forth to organize CIA-directed “revolutions” to bring a large number of the former Soviet Republics—from Russia to the Baltic states—under the influence of the EU or even make them into members of NATO. That includes countries such as the former Eastern Bloc states such as Poland and Romania. Now they are working on doing the same thing in Ukraine.

“They want to provoke Russia until it invades Ukraine, and Germany and the US will then have a ‘reason’ for their side to carry out war. I find it especially bad that Germany is working together with notorious fascist organizations in Ukraine.

“I am convinced that natural resources and markets in Russia are the real reason for these war preparations. However, for the EU and the US, control over Ukraine is above all a strategic question and an initial step aimed at controlling Russia.

“On the same grounds, the US and its European allies have already carried out wars in North Africa, the Middle East, Syria and Afghanistan.

“I think the war propaganda in the media—which on a daily basis turns reality on its head—is very bad. They want to ensure that the population remains passive and they are able to do what they want.”