Letter to Kathryn Davron from WSWS Chairman David North

Dear Kath,

I am writing you from Los Angeles. Yesterday afternoon, I gave the last of eight lectures on the subject of “The Unfinished Twentieth Century.” All the meetings were well attended, and reflected a definite development in the political consciousness of workers and youth. In San Diego, an audience of nearly 100 youth attended the lecture. But more significant than the number in attendance was the intensity of the interest and the very high level of the questions and discussion that followed the lecture.

At all the lectures, the majority of those in attendance were born after 1980. At the San Diego lecture, most were born after 1985 and a very substantial number after 1990! They represent the generation that will be carrying forward and securing the victory of socialism in the great class battles of the twenty-first century.

The task of our generation has been to defend, in the midst of almost universal renegacy, the great theoretical and political heritage of the Trotskyist movement. As is now clear in the light of historical experience, the fate of the Fourth International was at stake in the struggles of 1982-86. Everything might have been lost had it not been for the decisive stand taken by a small group of comrades in defense of Trotskyist principles and socialist internationalism. The meeting held on October 26-27, 1985 was a critical event in the history of the international working class movement. At that decisive movement, you were among those who played such an outstanding role. As long as I live, I will never forget the sound of your voice, ringing out from the middle of the vast hall. “What about the working class?” you shouted, in protest against the subjective and self-pitying demagogy of the WRP renegades.

The events of the last 30 years have vindicated the stand taken by the comrades who stood with the International Committee. Our world party is now growing steadily in numbers and influence. We have every reason to be confident that the Fourth International, under the leadership of the International Committee, will win the allegiance of the best and most determined sections of the working class and youth. “Each one of us,” wrote Trotsky, “carries on our shoulder a particle of the fate of mankind.” You, dear Kath, have played a significant role in building the party in Britain and internationally upon whose work the fate of mankind depends. Your many years of struggle constitute an imperishable part of our movement’s history.

I want you to know that I have appreciated greatly your comradeship and always enthusiastic encouragement of my own work.

With warmest regards,

Your comrade, David