Public Meeting December 4: The attack on democratic rights in Ferguson and Detroit

The Socialist Equality Party encourages workers and young people to attend a meeting called by the SEP and the Detroit Workers Action Committee (DWAC) on December 4 at Wayne State University in Detroit. The event will discuss the way forward for the working class to oppose the attacks on democratic and social rights exemplified by the exoneration of the Ferguson, Missouri cop who murdered Michael Brown and the bankruptcy settlement in Detroit.

The rigged grand jury decision and the militarized response of authorities to mass protests in Ferguson and around the US reveal the advanced decay of democratic rights in the United States. The events in Ferguson follow the federal judge’s approval of the brutal restructuring plan of Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr that will rob retirees of their pensions and health care and turn over the Detroit Institute of Arts to private foundations.

Leading the attack on democratic rights is the Obama administration, which signaled its support for both the whitewash in Ferguson and the Detroit bankruptcy. Facing popular opposition to police brutality, poverty and new wars, the ruling class and both of its political parties are increasingly resorting to police state measures to impose its will.

The December 4 meeting will examine the political background of these developments. It will expose the role of the unions, the corrupt civil rights political establishment and other adjuncts of the Democratic Party that play a critical role in blocking the independent mobilization of the working class in defense of democratic rights. It will also look at the international context of these events, which take place amid rising global tensions and the outbreak of new deadly wars.

We urge all workers and young people in the Detroit area to make plans to attend this very important meeting

Meeting details:

Thursday, December 4, 7:00 pm
Wayne State University
General Lecture, room 150
5045 Anthony Wayne Drive
Detroit, Michigan