The International Committee of the Fourth International founds its French section

At a founding conference in Paris, international delegates of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) recognized the Parti de l'égalité socialiste (PES, Socialist Equality Party) as its French section.

The PES conference unanimously adopted two documents. The first was the ICFI statement for an international movement of workers and youth against imperialist war, “Socialism and the Fight against War.” The second, which the World Socialist Web Site is publishing today, was the political statement on the foundation of the PES, “Build the Socialist Equality Party (France).” 

These documents lay out the revolutionary perspectives of the PES amid a deep crisis of French and world capitalism, characterized by economic collapse, an escalating drive to war internationally and, within France, by the rise of far-right parties and the disintegration of the old “left” establishment, consisting of the Socialist Party and the political descendants of various renegades from the Trotskyist movement.

The PES appeals to readers of the WSWS and supporters of the ICFI in France to read and study the documents of the PES founding conference and to circulate them widely throughout the country. We call on all workers and youth who agree with the program and perspectives outlined in these documents to join the PES and build it as the revolutionary vanguard of the working class in France.

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