California Amazon worker speaks out

“They told us to work harder, promised ‘a cookie’ to fastest worker”

California Amazon worker speaks out: "They told us to work harder, promised 'a cookie' to fastest worker"

Amazon is one of the fastest growing e-commerce and cloud computing companies in the world, with a revenue of US$136 billion in 2016. Last May, Amazon’s billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos made US$3.3 billion when the tech giant reported its eighth consecutive profitable quarter.

Despite remarkable profits, workers in every one of the 45 countries in which Amazon operates are subjected to contemptible working conditions and poverty wages. High temperatures, work-related medical conditions, dangerously fast paces and disciplinary actions are common experiences among the hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide.

In this video, one worker, who requested to remain anonymous, shares his experience working at one of the Amazon warehouses or “fulfillment centers” in the Inland Empire of Southern California. Amazon is one of many large companies that have set up shop in this impoverished region.