UK public meetings:

Grenfell Fire—Social Murder: A crime against the working class

The Grenfell Tower inferno was an act of social murder—a crime of capitalism. It was the end result of decades of deregulation and cuts, including the deadly impact of the gutting of the fire service, of Kensington and Chelsea Council’s ignoring repeated safety warnings and the criminal decision to cover the building in flammable cladding to make it look prettier for nearby rich residents.

The politically guilty are known: Successive Conservative and Labour governments and councils that have destroyed Britain’s social infrastructure and turned London into a playground for the rich, while socially cleansing working people and the poor from the capital.

Yet no one has been brought to justice or even arrested. Prime Minister Theresa May’s promised inquiry is a fraud and the Labour Party is going along with it. Now, in the midst of a national crisis, with revelations that hundreds of other Grenfells are possible throughout Britain, the politicians have gone on their summer holidays until September.

What must be done? Grenfell’s survivors and the thousands of local people who came to their aid have made clear that only when the working class takes action does anything happen. The Socialist Equality Party urges all workers and youth, including survivors and residents, to attend and discuss how a unified struggle against the profit system and for socialism will finally enable workers to determine their own destiny.


Sunday July 30, 1.30pm
Kala Sangam Arts Centre
Indus Room
St Peter’s House
1 Forster Square


Saturday August 19, 2.30pm
Harrow Club
187 Freston Rd
W10 6TH
(nearest Tube: Latimer Road)