New publication by Mehring Books (UK)

The falsification of David King’s work

David King (1943-2016) devoted his extraordinary artistic gifts to salvaging the historical truth of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and its aftermath from beneath the vast and now wrecked edifice of Stalinist crimes and lies.

His works include Red Star Over Russia: A Visual History of the Soviet Union, Trotsky: A Documentary and John Heartfield: Laughter is a Devastating Weapon.

Mehring Books (UK) has produced a new pamphlet to memorialise his work and vital contribution.

It contains the obituary by WSWS chairman, David North, David King 1943-2016: Revolutionary socialist, artist and defender of historical truth. North notes of King’s vast historical collection that, “In the examination of an artefact, David moved from its appearance to the discovery of its historical essence—the relationship of the fragmentary part to the whole. This process of discovery determined the form of artistic recreation.”

Accompanying this is the review by Paul Mitchell, The falsification of David King’s work. Also originally published on the World Socialist Web Site, it concerns the Tate Modern’s 2017-18 exhibition of King’s Red Star, which attempted to eviscerate this dedicated and principled artist’s life work and orientation.

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The pamphlet can be purchased here: socialequality.org.uk/literature/