Vote for David Moore and Kevin Mitchell, Socialist Equality Party candidates, in the June 5 California midterm elections!

The Socialist Equality Party calls on all its supporters to cast a class-conscious vote for David Moore for US Senate and Kevin Mitchell for US House (51st District) in the 2018 California midterm elections Tuesday, June 5.

Moore and Mitchell are the only candidates running on a socialist program against war, inequality, censorship and the attack on immigrants.

From the beginning, our campaign has sought to unify the struggles of workers, young people, and immigrants against the common enemy—capitalism. The Trump administration is escalating its attack on immigrants while preparing war abroad, passing massive tax cuts for the wealthy, and plotting the destruction of public education.

The Democrats do not oppose Trump’s anti-working-class and warmongering policies. On the contrary, they continuously provide the necessary votes to carry through his right-wing agenda. Despite widespread popular opposition, the Democrats find common ground on these issues while attacking Trump for being “too soft” on Russia.

The Democrats and Republicans both speak for factions of the capitalist ruling elite, with the Democrats emerging as the favored party of the intelligence agencies. In these primary elections, the Democrats have run a record number of intelligence agents, military veterans and ex-State Department officials. They are campaigning as the “responsible” party of US imperialism and military aggression.

An altogether different conflict is emerging, between the working class and the entire ruling elite. This year has seen a rising tide of working class struggle in the United States and around the world. The strikes by teachers and UC hospital workers, and the walkouts by students against mass shootings, are an indication of what is to come, as the working class breaks free of the stranglehold of the trade unions, which have worked for so long to artificially suppress social opposition.

Terrified of the working class, the financial elite is trying to carry out its deeply unpopular program through attacks on democratic rights, including the drive toward dictatorship and the efforts by corporations like Google and Facebook to censor the Internet. While the established candidates can buy airtime and promote their ads online without interference, our campaigns have faced an uphill battle, with Facebook effectively blocking any advertisement.

Our campaign has received a significant response from workers, students and young people. Everywhere, particularly in the more working-class and impoverished areas of California, there is enormous anger toward the political establishment.

The SEP campaign gives voice to the widespread anti-war and anti-capitalist sentiment that is emerging in the United States and internationally.

We insist that every worker has the right to a decent home, nutritious food, clean water, well-paying and meaningful jobs, free education through university, high-quality health care, access to culture, a clean environment, and a world without dictatorship, walls and war.

The resources exist to secure these rights, but they cannot be won without a frontal assault on the wealth and power of the capitalist ruling elite, in the US and around the world. There is not a single significant social problem facing humanity that can be resolved except through a revolutionary movement of the working class to take control of the major corporations and banks, seize the massive fortunes of the capitalist ruling elite, and reorganize society along socialist lines.

A socialist leadership must be built. This has been the fundamental aim of our campaign.

We need your support. Tell your coworkers and friends to vote for David Moore for US Senate and Kevin Mitchell for US House (51st District). Donate to our campaign, follow and share our posts on social media, and make the decision to join the Socialist Equality Party.

Vote for David Moore for US Senate and Kevin Mitchell for US House (51st District)!

No to World War III! Not to dictatorship and censorship!

Defend immigrants! For a socialist policy of open borders!

Break with the Democrats and Republicans! Join the Socialist Equality Party!