UK rail worker sends solidarity to Detroit auto workers protest

To the auto workers,

Having read and heard about the struggles you face in regards to your jobs and future prospects in the automotive sector, I feel a short letter to you all might show some inspiration and help in your goals and aspirations.

I send solidarity from the rail workers in the UK who currently face similar struggles in the face of increased automation within our own networks. The unions, who are supposed to represent us, are showing increasing hostility towards the rank and file.

I have been victimised over stands that have been made against DOO (driver only operated trains) which the Conservative UK government is introducing on the railways in Britain. This goes against the safety of passengers, shows a complete disregard for the vulnerable onboard trains and is about helping to increase profits for the companies running them.

Anyone who seems opposed to this is in line for being targeted, being singled out and being victimised by companies and the unions seem happy to allow this to happen with no protest.

Attacks on UK rail workers is now common place and we have shown in certain circles that getting the rank and file briefed, told the truth about union sellouts and exposing the closed door deals behind our backs is how we make stand against it all.

The value of the World Socialist Web Site as an organisation that has helped expose the collusion between management and the unions that has happened over the past five years in the fight against DOO has been an important tool in creating heart and determination to fight off these attacks.

Like you, we face up to 20,000 job loses if these diabolical plans are introduced. Sellouts have taken place by the unions and been exposed and current struggles are taking place on many networks.

Protests such as yours are key to highlighting to the world that these fights are real, these fights are winnable and the break away from the unions is essential to completing the task worldwide.

I wish you good luck and never give up. You need to be organised and stand up to the oppressing regime in order to succeed.