SEP Australia meetings on Labor’s election debacle and the defence of Assange

The May 18 federal election was a debacle for the Labor Party, resulting in victory for the right-wing Morrison government. This has raised decisive political questions for workers and youth looking for a way to combat the great dangers arising from the ongoing breakdown of the global capitalist system.

In its election statement, the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) emphasised there was only one way to defeat the growing threat of war, the attack on democratic rights—as exemplified in the jailing of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning—the onset of a new economic crisis, and the emergence of extreme right-wing forces. That was the building of a genuine socialist movement of the working class and the construction of the revolutionary party to lead it.

This perspective has been verified in the election result. The outcome was a massive repudiation of the Labor Party by broad sections of the working class, who viewed it with indifference or outright hostility, regarding its return to office as no way forward.

This is part of an international trend: the collapse of support for the social democratic and labour parties that once claimed the allegiance of workers and youth.

So far, however, the beneficiaries of this process—in the United States, across Europe and now in Australia—have been right-wing, nationalist and even fascist formations.

There is a movement to the left among sections of the working class and youth, marked by the resurgence of the class struggle internationally after decades of suppression by the labour and trade union bureaucracies. The recent New Zealand teachers’ strike, the biggest in the country’s history, is another expression of this upsurge.

But this movement can find no expression within the present political framework. It must be developed into a conscious political movement, based on a socialist perspective.

The votes for the SEP in the election showed there is a striving among important sections of the working class and youth to find a way to resolve the vital issues they face. We therefore urge all those who voted for our candidates and supported our campaign to attend these public meetings.

Likewise, we call on all those who want to find answers to the burning political issues they confront to attend. The most important question facing the working class is political clarification. Consequently, we will welcome questions and discussion from all those who participate in our meetings.


Saturday, June 22, 2:30pm
Toronto Community Centenary HUB
97-99 The Boulevarde, Toronto
Tickets: $5/$3 concession 

Sunday, June 23, 3pm
Waratah Room
The Holroyd Centre
17 Miller St, Merrylands
Tickets: $7/$5 concession 

Sunday, June 23, 2pm 
Inala Community House 
38 Sittella St, Inala 
Tickets: $5/$3 concession 

Sunday, June 30, 2.30pm
Meat Market Conference Centre
5 Blackwood St, North Melbourne
Melway Reference: 2B A9   
Tickets: $5/$3 concession