Socialist Equality Party (UK) online meeting: The Blairites’ anti-Semitism witch-hunt and the failure of Corbynism

Readers of the World Socialist Web Site are invited to attend Sunday’s online meeting called by the Socialist Equality Party (UK) to discuss the anti-Semitism witch-hunt in the Labour Party, escalated by the suspension of its former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn’s suspension amid claims of rampant “left-wing anti-Semitism” is a vicious slander by Labour’s right-wing cabal directed not just against Corbyn but at tens of thousands of Labour members.

Despite being elected Labour leader on a popular mandate to fight the pro-austerity and pro-war agenda of the Blairites, Corbyn preached “unity” at every turn. His record was one of abject capitulation to his right-wing opponents, culminating in Sir Keir Starmer’s installation and a de facto government of national unity with the Tories.

The real source of anti-Semitism is the far-right. Racial hatred towards the Jews is the hallmark of fascism, though it had many adherents within the British ruling class, including among the Royal family. As in the 1930s, capitalist ruling elites are again cultivating fascist and anti-Semitic parties, from the Alternative for Germany, to Le Pen in France and Trump in the United States.

Chris Marsden, Socialist Equality Party (UK) national secretary, will address the urgent political and historical issues raised by these events.

The failure of Corbynism and the transformation of the Labour Party into an instrument for the most ruthless sections of the British state must be the occasion for a political turn by the working class to the building of a genuine mass socialist party of the working class—the Socialist Equality Party and its sister parties throughout the world.

The meeting will be held Sunday November 15, at 1.00pm GMT.

Please register here and share news of the event among co-workers, family and friends.