Video: Defeat anti-democratic electoral laws—become an electoral member of the SEP!

The Socialist Equality Party (Australia) has today launched a social media campaign calling on the working class to defeat the new anti-democratic electoral laws rammed through parliament last week with the full support of Labor.

Under the new legislation, Australian political parties without sitting members will be forced to submit lists of 1,500 members, three times the current requirement. This applies to the Socialist Equality Party. It means we must gain 1,000 new members in just three months in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread lockdowns.

In this video, SEP National Secretary Cheryl Crisp explains how these measures have been implemented amid mounting hostility to Labor and the Coalition, accelerated by their bipartisan refusal to combat the pandemic.

Crisp appeals to viewers to join the party as electoral members to help ensure that the SEP is able to stand in elections in our name for a socialist program.