The Socialist Equality Party (Australia)

SEP holds online meeting to fight Australia’s new anti-democratic election laws

The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) held an online public meeting on Sunday October 31, pushing ahead with its campaign to inform and mobilise young people and workers against Australia’s new anti-democratic electoral laws.

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The working class must have a political voice, which the ruling class through its latest legislation is seeking to stifle. The opposition to the dictates of big business and its political servants needs to be guided by a socialist program that puts the social needs of working people—above all their health and lives—ahead of the private profits of the wealthy few. The SEP alone fights for this perspective.

Our party fights:
● For a scientific program to eradicate the coronavirus pandemic against the criminal, “herd immunity” policies of the ruling elite.
● For an end to militarism and war.
● Against all forms of nationalism and racism and for the unity of the international working-class.
● For the social rights of the working class, including quality, free education and healthcare for all, and a decent, full-time job with permanent conditions for those able to work.
● For a workers’ government and socialism, that is a society in which the working-class democratically controls the wealth that it produces, not the banks and the billionaires.

Fill out this form to apply to join the SEP as an electoral member. The membership fee is $5 (waged) or $2 (unwaged/student).

Defeat bipartisan drive in Australia to de-register political parties!

Amid the global resurgence of COVID-19, anti-democratic bills have been rushed through Australia’s parliament to suppress opposition to the criminal “reopening” drive by the capitalist class.

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Historical Foundations

The program of the Socialist Equality Party is of a principled, not a conjunctural and pragmatic, character. It is based on an analysis of the crisis of world capitalism and an assimilation of the strategic revolutionary experiences of the working class and the international socialist movement.

The Historical and International Foundations of the Socialist Equality Party was adopted by the Founding Congress of the SEP in Sydney in 2010. It traces the historical events and strategic experiences of the working class and Marxist movement spanning more than a century.

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Watch: Meeting commemorates decades-long Australian Trotskyist Barry Jobson

At a meeting on January 17, Socialist Equality Party speakers reviewed Barry Jobson’s contribution to the fight for socialist internationalism, in the context of the deepening crisis of Australian and world capitalism.

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The coronavirus pandemic, the crisis of capitalism and the tasks of the SEP

This is the main resolution that was discussed and adopted unanimously at the Fifth National Congress of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia) held on August 14-16, 2020.

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Free Julian Assange! Defend Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden!

The SEP’s recent National Congress committed to “intensifying the fight for the unconditional freedom of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange” and the defence of all persecuted journalists and whistleblowers.

the Socialist Equality Party (Australia)

The horrific persecution of Julian Assange continues

The attempted US extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange resumed yesterday with the opening of a hearing into a US government appeal. It is a legal abomination in pursuit of a heinous crime.

Thomas Scripps

Australian and New Zealand demonstrations demand freedom for WikiLeaks founder and US whistleblower

Workers and retirees, as well as youth and students attending the Socialist Equality Party’s February 2020 rallies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Wellington responded powerfully to speakers’ calls for them to deepen their involvement in the fight to defend WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and US whistleblower Chelsea Manning.

Lecture series: Why study the history of Trotskyism?

The lectures, now all available online, reviewed some of the fundamental lessons of the protracted struggle by the Trotskyist movement for socialist internationalism.

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Membership in the Socialist Equality Party is based on agreement with its Statement of Principles. The principles of the SEP incorporate the essential experiences of the revolutionary upheavals of the twentieth century and the corresponding struggle waged by Marxists for the program of world socialist revolution.

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