Video: Attend SEP public meeting opposing Australia’s anti-democratic electoral laws

The laws demand that political parties, without parliamentary seats, must treble their membership lists from 500 to 1,500 to remain officially registered so their party name appears on ballot papers. This will affect 36 registered parties, including the SEP, which must submit these lists within the next three months, under conditions of COVID-19 and widespread lockdowns.

The laws also ban parties from using certain names, notably “socialist” or “communist,” if another registered party already claims it.

This online public meeting will outline the SEP’s campaign to defeat these anti-democratic laws and demand the repeal of all restrictions on the democratic rights of parties and individuals to run in elections. Click here to register for the meeting.

At the same time, the SEP is appealing to all supporters and readers to become an SEP electoral member today, join the campaign and help the party retain its registration to defeat this attack.