SEP national committee member interviewed on radio about Australia’s anti-democratic electoral laws

Socialist Equality Party (SEP) members and supporters are challenging the corporate media’s refusal to inform millions of Australian voters about the new anti-democratic laws rushed through parliament last month. The new laws require 36 parties without parliamentary representation, including the SEP, to treble their membership, in less than three months. If not, they will be deregistered and their party names will not appear on federal election ballot papers.

Last Friday, Oscar Grenfell, a regular writer for the WSWS and an SEP National Committee member, was interviewed by Sean Britten on 2SER FM about the new electoral laws. The longstanding radio station is operated by Macquarie University and the University of Technology in Sydney.

Grenfell said the reactionary measures were a response to rising popular opposition to the dominant parliamentary parties and a blatant attempt to bolster the two-party system in the lead-up to the next election. He urged the station’s listeners, and all those against war, social inequality and attacks on democratic rights, to study the party’s program and apply to become electoral members.

Oscar Grenfell interviewed on 2SER