Australia: Evan Blake speaks at Committee for Public Education online meeting

The Committee for Public Education (CFPE) held a successful online meeting on Saturday, December 11 attended by educators, parents and students across Australia and internationally, including from New Zealand, the Philippines and the US. The meeting was titled, “COVID -19 spreads through Australian schools: Put lives before profit! Stop the Pandemic!”

This is the second CFPE online meeting in the past month organised against the dangerous re-opening of schools that has led to an upsurge of COVID-19 infections and clusters in schools in Victoria and New South Wales.

The meeting was addressed by Evan Blake, a member of the Socialist Equality Party from the United States, and a leading writer for the World Socialist Web site. Blake presented a comprehensive report outlining the spread of the Omicron variant internationally, the new dangers it presents to the working class, and the significance of the Global Workers inquest initiated by the World Socialist Web Site.

We are publishing Blake’s video report including the Q&A session that followed.

In the course of the meeting two resolutions were passed. The first endorsed the Global Workers Inquest and the second opposed the legal threats against UK parent, Lisa Diaz who has refused to send her children to school while COVID is spreading.

A full report of the meeting will follow in the next few days.