Johnson government to end daily reporting of UK COVID deaths

The UK government plans to end the daily reporting of COVID deaths in April or even earlier.

The i news website reported the governments’ intention in an exclusive Tuesday evening headlined, “Daily Covid death toll will no longer be published by Easter under plan to ‘live with Covid’, source says”.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes his keynote speech at the Conservative party conference in Manchester, England, Wednesday, October 6, 2021. (AP Photo/Jon Super)

This plan is revealed as the UK is still announcing hundreds of deaths daily, with the exclusive published two days before the UK reported another 534 fatalities—the highest number in almost a year.

According to the i, “a senior Whitehall source familiar with the plans said, ‘The Prime Minister has pencilled in Easter as the latest date by which the daily Covid statistics will be published in their current form. In an ideal situation he will bring an end to them sooner if the current downward trend in deaths continues.” From mid-April, the “publication of infections, hospital admissions and death data” will stop.

Daily reporting of COVID cases and fatalities is already heavily manipulated, with a death being recorded only if it occurred within 28 days of a person testing positive. On this measurement, 157,730 have died. According to the more accurate figure provided by the Office for National Statistics, by this week 180,662 people had died with COVID mentioned on the death certificate.

Infection rates are also significantly downplayed. The i reported January 28, “More than 350,000 people a day are estimated to have been infected with Covid-19 in early January, more than double the official figure reported on the Government’s virus dashboard over the same period.

“The analysis, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), shows just how many new cases of coronavirus are still being missed in the official figures.

“An average of 163,600 new cases per day were recorded from 2 to 8 January, according to the dashboard. But the true number was likely to be nearer 358,500 a day, according to the ONS modelling.

“And while the dashboard recorded an average of 173,500 new cases a day for December 26 to January 1, the ONS puts the figure at 479,100 a day.”

Ending daily reporting is the first step towards ending all reporting. The i revealed that when daily reporting ends, “Covid statistics for England would still be available in the weekly update from the Office for National Statistics until it decides to cease its regular publication of the figures.”

This plan is critical to the Johnson government’s herd immunity agenda of allowing the deadly disease to become “endemic” in the population. It follows Johnson’s scrapping of all “Plan B” COVID restrictions beginning January 19, when mask wearing in schools and guidance to work from home were immediately ditched. The requirement for COVID passes to enter entertainment venues ended a week later, along with the requirement to wear a mask in public spaces. Also ditched were restrictions on the number of visitors care home residents can receive.

Following the planned termination on March 23 of the legal requirement for infected people to self-isolate, the end of the daily reporting of deaths signals the ruling elite’s intention to refuse even to acknowledge the existence of COVID. According to the logic of the social murderers in the government, there will no longer be a pandemic to report.

Not reporting any COVID figures is pivotal to accustoming everyone to “living with the virus”. But what this means in reality is millions more people infected and thousands getting hospitalised and dying with the virus.

The cabal in Downing Street were, along with Sweden, the pioneers of the herd immunity adopted by ruling elites globally. Unlike in the United States, where the US Department of Health and Human Services this week ended its system for hospitals to report COVID-19 deaths daily to the federal government, the proposal to stop reporting UK COVID deaths comes directly from the prime minister himself.

Before being forced into a lockdown in March 2020, Johnson’s government had insisted that the mass infection of the population was “desirable” and that everyone should “take it on the chin” as they discussed scenarios in which 800,000 people would die.

Over 25 percent of the entire UK population have already been infected with COVID: a staggering 17.6 million people. Over 2.6 million people have an active infection. Only France, with 20.1 million infections, has a higher number of COVID cases in Europe. Globally, the UK is behind only four other countries in terms of total infections—the United States, India, Brazil and France.

Johnson originally planned to ditch every public health measure and end the reporting of COVID statistics last summer, as the economy was flung open on “Freedom Day” July 19, 2021.

His motivations were spelt out by the Daily Mail that August, in a piece headlined, “Is it time to stop obsessing over Covid figures?”. The article pointed out, “In January [at the height of the pandemic when deaths rose above 1,800 a day], the online Covid dashboard attracted 76 million views in a single day”. Last month the Mail, citing pro-herd immunity scientists, stepped up its complaints, declaring that the “government should stop publicising its daily Covid figures because they are becoming ‘misleading’ and fuelling an ‘unhealthy addiction’ to the stats.”

The emergence of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, first detected in two people in Britain on November 27, forced the ruling class to delay its plans, but with only the most minimal interventions.

Omicron has since run rampant throughout the population, with more than seven million Britons infected in just the 67 days since. This surge was propelled by the infection of hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren who returned to classrooms without a single mitigation in place in January.

The infection of the young is still out of control. The Independent reported yesterday, based on ONS figures, “An estimated 13.1% of children in England between the age of two and school year six were likely to have had Covid last week, up from 11.8% the previous week.”

After months of churning out propaganda that Omicron is mild, the government now hails the variant as the boon that everyone was waiting for, based on claims that it has accelerated infections and hence immunity in the population, without overwhelming the National Health Service. COVID is now spoken of by the government and its echo chamber media as being nothing more serious than the common cold, or at worst the flu.

No-one can believe any of these lies. With the 303 additional deaths reported Thursday, on top of the 534 the previous day, the UK has recorded nearly 1,800 deaths in the last seven days. On Thursday, the latest death of a child in England from COVID was reported, bringing to 145 the number of under-18s killed. In January alone, 16 children died from COVID in England, topping the previous monthly high of 11.

This threatens to be the tip of the iceberg, with the strategy of letting the virus rip creating the ideal conditions for the mutation of COVID, yet again, into a new variant either more infectious, immune-evasive, deadly, or all three. According to a Reuters analysis, reinfections account for 10 percent of England’s COVID cases so far this year, thanks to the Omicron variant.

In parallel with calls to stop the reporting of cases and deaths, demands are being made in ruling circles to complete the COVID cover-up by ending all testing as well. A group of scientists who have routinely backed the government are being deployed to this end. Professor David Livermore, a medical microbiologist, told MailOnline, “It is the right thing to do: daily case statistics and mass testing both need to be wound down. The virus has mutated to a milder form, and there is substantial population immunity from recent infection and vaccination.”