“I read the WSWS daily, and have for many years, for the clarity and sharpness of the analysis it provides of events the world over”

WSWS readers give support to 2022 New Year appeal

On January 12, the World Socialist Web Site launched its annual New Year fund drive with an appeal from David North, Chairman of the International Editorial Board of the WSWS and National Chairman of the Socialist Equality Party in the United States.

In opening the appeal, North stated, “New Year 2022 marks the beginning of the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Humanity is in the midst of the greatest crisis since the two world wars at the first half of the 20th century.”

Since this was written just over a month ago, the official global death toll from COVID-19 is hurtling towards 6 million. The imperialist powers, led by the United States, are preparing a war with Russia that could escalate into World War III.

From the beginning of the pandemic, only the WSWS has explained that this crisis will not be stopped by medical measures alone and requires the active intervention of the working class organized as an independent political force. Workers all over the world are fighting back against the criminal policies being carried out by a ruling class that has subordinated public health to their insatiable drive to accumulate profit.

Testimonials for the New Year fund sent by WSWS readers and supporters point to the critical role that the site, now entering its 25th year of publication, has played in countering the lies and propaganda of the corporate media.

We have compiled in this article testimonials from the United States and Canada submitted so far. We encourage all of our readers to donate to the New Year fund and submit your own testimonial.

Many testimonials focused on the unique coverage that the WSWS provides on the pandemic and the fight for a strategy to eliminate COVID-19 worldwide, and the growth of social inequality.

Beverly, a retiree in California and longtime supporter of the WSWS, wrote, “Were it not for the WSWS, these two past pandemic years would appear to me as a discordant series of endless contradictions and distractions. Now we are being told to forget the virus! Send students and workers back to their schools, their jobs. I support the WSWS because it is the only publication that offers its rapidly growing readership an understanding of the dynamic underlying today’s chaotic reality and a way forward to change society.”


Geraldine, another supporter from California, wrote, “Every day since its inception, I check into the WSWS for the latest news. The pandemic and global warming threaten the very survival of humanity. While both dilemmas indisputably require a global response to ensure our survival, astonishingly the Socialist Equality Party is the only political party that fights for this. I consider it a privilege to donate to the WSWS.”

Jerry from Michigan commented, “In the current context, scientific knowledge on COVID-19 is essential and the WSWS is playing a critical role in providing this knowledge and drawing out its political implications. They counter the lies justifying the ‘herd-immunity’ policies of the ruling class. This gives working people the tools to fight against the fraud of a ‘safe reopening of the schools.’”

Ted, a worker from Michigan, stated, “As the inequalities and contradictions of capitalism grow ever larger during the COVID-19 pandemic, the working class requires an honest, thoroughly focused, and historically grounded development of class consciousness. The only reliable source for this is the World Socialist Web Site .”

Keith, a reader and supporter from Alabama, wrote, “The criminal mishandling of the pandemic in pursuit of profits by capitalist governments worldwide, the growing threat of fascism, and mounting socioeconomic inequality prompted me to change politically. Capitalism needs to be replaced with socialism, where workers own the means of production so we can end social inequality. I believe the Socialist Equality Party and the ICFI represent the best avenue to organize workers and educate them. This is what the WSWS is working to do.”

Commenting on the New Year appeal from David North, James in California wrote, “Beautiful erudition and just plain common sense in the New Year video appeal from David North. Everyone should read and/or listen to and heed these eloquent words!”

Multiple testimonials spoke to the unique role that the WSWS plays in keeping its readers informed about world events and the global class struggle.

Vanessa from Michigan commented, “The WSWS is a reliable source of what really happens in our world. Their reporting of domestic and international events punches a hole in the usual messaging that we are constantly bombarded with. Everyone is entitled to the truth. This is the organization that will give you the truth.”

Anthony from Ohio stated, “New year, same battles. That’s why I’m giving my money to the Socialist Equality Party. I know that when we win this thing, it’ll be because the international working class has wrested control from the powers that be.”

Aaron from Virginia wrote, “There is nothing more valuable to me right now than the ability to stay informed. The WSWS has surpassed all other sources for information. I feel connected to all the struggles of my working-class brothers and sisters worldwide. The ICFI and SEP is the way forward for international socialism, and for humanity.”

Corey in Nebraska wrote, “The level of reporting, the range of subjects covered, the consistency, the honesty – if something major happens in the world, I can always count on the WSWS to analyze it in the proper light and give it the perspective it needs.”

Joe in Michigan stated, “I’m very happy to contribute to the cause. You all are doing tremendous work providing coverage and insights that no one else is.”

Multiple supporters emphasized the WSWS’s coverage on the danger of fascism, war and dictatorship.

Wendy, a longtime reader and supporter from Canada, commented, “Our world is being disrupted by right wing forces. A convoy of fascists is in Canada right now seeking to force an end to all measures against COVID-19. Support the WSWS to understand what’s going on. Socialism is the only way forward.”

Terrence in Massachusetts wrote, “The WSWS has been the sole force advancing the correct perspective on the threat of fascism and war, the correct scientific approach to COVID-19, exposing the perfidious role of the unions and the necessity of the working class coming to power throughout the world under the leadership of an internationalist Marxist vanguard. The WSWS is indispensable.”

Alex, a reader from New Jersey, stated, “I read the WSWS daily, and have for many years, for the clarity and sharpness of the analysis it provides of events the world over. No other news source discusses honestly the reality of life for working people in every country. From the homicidal policy of herd immunity to the threat of dictatorship and war, the ruling class has shown its utter contempt for the working class.”

Readers like you make the WSWS possible. Your support is necessary not only to publish the site but to expand our outreach, print material to distribute to workers at the factories, organize public webinars, carry out investigative reporting on the growing struggles of workers and build up a movement of workers to put an end to the dangers of dictatorship and war.

Please donate today and leave your own testimonial. We not only need your financial support but want you to participate in the struggle to build the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) and the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI) as the new leadership of the international working class. Read more about our history and make the decision to join the revolutionary socialist movement today .