“I am completely opposed to this attack on freedom of speech and call on all health workers to join me in opposition”

Australian workers defend Zero-COVID advocate Dr. David Berger

The World Socialist Web Site (WSWS) is continuing to receive statements for Dr. David Berger, an Australian physician and dedicated Zero-COVID advocate, who is facing disciplinary action from the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA) because of his exposure of government and corporate lies about COVID-19.

Since the publication of our first article, which calls on scientists, health workers and other sections of workers to speak out in defence of Dr. Berger, the WSWS has published three articles compiling these statements and will continue publishing others throughout this week. These articles have been read by many thousands of people throughout the world.

We urge readers to speak out in Berger’s defence by emailing your statements here. Please indicate in the email how you would like to be identified in our next article, and if you want to include a photo, please attach one to the email.

Steve Strietberg, a retired nurse from Melbourne, Australia

Respected scientists and doctors like Dr. Berger have consistently exposed the Australian government’s lying claims and warned the public of the consequences of COVID-19 if good public health practices weren’t undertaken.

Steve Strietberg

I had been a nurse for 32 years with specialist training in infectious diseases and public health when, at the start of the pandemic, I read that the then-Morrison government’s most senior health official had said, “Masks are not necessary,” which is patently untrue if you want to prevent the transmission of airborne pathogens. The statement was soon followed, contrary to scientific evidence, by state and federal health officials comparing COVID to the flu; claiming that it only affects the aged and those with co-morbidities; that schools are safe; we have to “learn to live with the virus,” and finally, the utterly false claim that the pandemic can’t be stopped.

Dr. Berger’s warnings, like those of other reputable scientists, have been borne out much to the chagrin of the ruling class, which has reacted to these exposures with a bureaucratic campaign of intimidation. It bears a striking similarity to the Australian ruling class’s operation against Julian Assange and his persecution in the courts by the UK and US. Dr. Berger is to be punished, while those same health officials responsible for disseminating the criminal policies of Labor and Liberal governments are able to continue to do so.

AHPRA is setting out to persecute Dr. Berger and to send a chilling message to any Australian health practitioner who dares to criticise the government’s policies. There are now 30,000 cases of COVID a day in Australia, one of the worst rates in the world, and a total of more than ten-thousand deaths. The attitude of the government and AHPRA is blithe indifference.

I am completely opposed to this attack on freedom of speech and call on all health workers to join me in opposition.

Vicki Ferry, a parent member of the Committee For Public Education (CFPE) in Melbourne, Australia

AHPRA’s primary role is supposed to be the protection of the public, and yet it is clear that its political agenda, based on bogus claims of unprofessional conduct, is to silence Dr. Berger from correcting the misinformation put forward by government apparatchiks. Claims that children do not get COVID, the virus isn’t airborne, schools are safe, vaccines alone will stop the virus and Omicron is mild, have all been shown to be incorrect. 

Vicki Ferry

What the government fails to understand is that the public is no longer as naïve as it was just twenty years ago. We’ve learnt the truth behind the war in Iraq and claims of weapons of mass destruction. We’ve seen what has happened to Julian Assange for exposing the truth about US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. And more and more of us are being silenced in the workplace with spurious claims of misconduct. We must stand united and demand that AHPRA withdraw its threat of deregistration and show that the community will no longer tolerate being silenced.

A Western Australia reader of the WSWS

Dr. Berger’s Twitter advice has enabled me and my family to stay safe and avoid COVID. I deplore AHPRA’s actions against him and call on AHPRA to apologise and withdraw their judgement.

Helen Dawson, Frankston, Australia

Dr. Berger’s concern for better understanding of COVID-19 is a consistent source on Twitter of good information and encouragement to avoid infection.

The Federal Health Department allowed Greg Hunt to give a COVID-19 mitigation contract to Aspen Medical, who had ZERO qualifications, ZERO contractors, and ZERO PPE, resulting in the death of people in Aged Care in Victoria. This was a politically motivated withholding of expertise and provisions from the National Medical stockpile.

The petty vindictiveness shown by various Canberra medical luminaries against Dr. Berger only highlights their extreme arrogance and incompetence. We will lobby politicians to get rid of these moribund organisations from public funding.

Sandhya Ramanathan, a general practitioner in Auckland, New Zealand

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Colleen Jones, from Shepparton, a regional centre 190 kilometres north of Melbourne, Australia

I never thought I would live to see the day in Australia, when those who stood up to tell the truth would be persecuted and vilified.

Colleen Jones

Dr. Berger has not lied; the pandemic is not over, it is getting worse, yet he is being disciplined by medical authorities. I applaud Dr. Berger’s brave actions and all the scientists, medical people, health care workers, teachers and other trades who are striking and telling the world the truth. Still the ruling class calls for more—more productivity for less wages, in the middle of a pandemic, even at the cost of death and disability to workers.

Dr. Berger has lived by his Hippocratic oath and tried to save lives by telling the truth. What a pity that those who are condemning him, in order to prevent others from speaking out, do not have as much honour.

Steve Pollock, retired worker from Melbourne, Australia

Steve Pollock

The anti-democratic attack on Australian physician Dr. David Berger by AHPRA, as with the anti-democratic attacks on Julian Assange, is a dire warning to the working class and anyone who believes in democratic rights and for the truth to be disseminated around the world.

I demand hands off Dr. David Berger, Julian Assange, and all campaigners for the truth.

Send us your statements of support for Dr. Berger and we will publish them in the coming days.