Doctors and students support zero-COVID advocate Dr David Berger

The WSWS continues to receive statements supporting Dr David Berger, an Australian physician and dedicated zero-COVID advocate who is being threatened with deregistration by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) over his social media condemnations of the government’s “let it rip” coronavirus policies.

Dr David Berger (Image: Supplied) [Photo: Imagen suministrada/WSWS]

Since the publication of our first article on July 8, which calls on scientists, health workers and other sections of workers to come to Dr Berger’s defence, the WSWS has published seventeen articles compiling statements of support.

We urge workers, young people and professionals to speak out in defence of Dr Berger. Statements of support can be emailed here. Please indicate in the email how you would like to be identified in our next article, and if you want to include a photo, please attach one to the email.

A letter from Dr John R. Moffett, United States:

Dear WSWS,

I am a US-based neuroscientist who is writing in support of Dr David Berger over his stance on reckless COVID policies that have allowed the virus to spread to every corner of the world and kill far more people than more scientifically-based policies would have. The vaccine-only policies are obviously aimed at increasing vaccine sales rather than public health. But this is to be expected when corporations run the governments. Corporations don’t have any concern for people, they are only concerned with profits. As long as governments are controlled by corporate leaders, and follow their agendas, we will have more wars, more pandemics and incompetent responses to both tragedies.

The US leads the world in COVID deaths and Monkeypox infections, and the Biden administration cannot blame the previous Trump administration for these failures. On top of the medical policy incompetence, the Biden administration is showing the greatest degree of foreign policy incompetence of my lifetime (I am 67 years old). The Biden administration is obviously hoping that Ukraine and Taiwan will fight proxy wars against Russia and China to “weaken” them, but this incompetent strategy appears to have already failed spectacularly.

Please know that many people in the US are ashamed of our government’s policies, and complain bitterly to our representatives, who have no intention whatsoever to listen to anyone who is not a corporate owner or investor.

Best regards,
Dr. John R. Moffett
North Potomac, Maryland, USA

A letter from Dr Martin Wolterding, Australia:

Dr Berger has been a clear and steady voice against the Australian governments and the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency’s failures to both adequately deal with the COVID pandemic and calls against this failure. Procedures for effective infection control have been well-known for over 50 years. The government’s priority of putting the economy over the health and often the survival of Australians, particularly the most vulnerable, has been reprehensible in the extreme. AHPRA’s attempts to muzzle and discipline those who speak out abets the bullying of a sincere whistle blower.

The persecution by ostracism and disciplinary action of Dr Berger for valiantly speaking out is an attack on truth telling. It puts the lie to Australia’s claim to being a democracy where free speech is honoured when in truth dissent is suppressed.

Dr. Martin Wolterding

Zach, a student from Western Sydney University, Australia

The attack on Dr Berger, a physician who has consistently been warning us of the dangers of COVID, by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency must be opposed! At a time when Australia is experiencing record hospitalisations and deaths, those speaking out against the government’s “let it rip” policies such as Dr. Berger are being intimidated by the political establishment.

During one week at my work, half of the staff I knew of were sick with COVID or had recently caught it. I myself got sick after sharing a car ride with my sister who caught it. I only found out I was sick a few days later after I had visited immunocompromised friends and was extremely worried for their health.

This situation must be exposed and shared by students and workers alike in a fight for scientific and political truth. This fight becomes all the more significant as the political establishments and bourgeois parties lurch further and further to the right and turn to greater means of misinformation, intimidation and suppression.