Washington Post reveals aims behind US-approved Ukrainian assassination of Daria Dugina

This article was originally posted on Twitter.

The Washington Post, a CIA house organ, is all but bragging about the assassination of Daria Dugina, and, in the process, revealing one of the political-psychological aims of the US-approved Ukrainian operation.

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The Post writes:

“The killing immediately heightened a sense of vulnerability among Russia’s most elite and visible promoters of the war in Ukraine, who now realize that they might be targets and that the government is potentially unable to protect them.”

The Post substantiates the WSWS’s explanation that the selection of the daughter of fascist Alexander Dugin as the target was intended to increase right-wing pressure on Putin to escalate the war, thereby providing NATO with a pretext it needs for direct military intervention.

The Post writes that the assassination “also raised the prospect of a serious escalation in the war as Putin comes under increased pressure, including from Dugina’s grieving father, to hit Ukraine hard.”

The US is, in effect, seeking to strengthen the political influence of the extreme right-wing and fascistic nationalist elements within Russia. This was a central aim of the assassination, which is intended to build public sympathy for the reactionary forces around Dugin.

The US-NATO are determined to escalate the war and, as soon as possible, introduce their own forces into battle. Increasing the influence of the Russian extreme right and undermining Putin’s efforts to limit the war facilitates plans for open war against Russia.