London bus drivers send messages of solidarity to Will Lehman

Bus drivers in London, England have sent video greetings to rank-and-file worker and socialist Will Lehman, who is running for President of the United Auto Workers (UAW) in the United States. Lehman is standing on a platform aimed at abolishing the union bureaucracy and transferring power to the rank and file.

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Members of the London Bus Rank-and-File Committee and the Merton Garage Rank-and-File Committee in south London have been sharing information about Will’s campaign since the summer. His videos and statements have resonated with drivers who confront similar ruthless corporations driving down conditions and pay, and a union that sits in the companies’ pockets.

Bus drivers have been inspired by Lehman’s courageous struggle and by the warm response he has won from American autoworkers for his message of rank-and-file power and socialism. His campaign has shown a way forward and demonstrated a growing appetite for political change.

The London Bus Rank-and-File Committee was founded by drivers in September 2020, to fight for workplace protections against the deadly spread of COVID-19. At least 76 London bus workers lost their lives to COVID because the bus companies, backed by the Labour Mayor and Unite the union forced drivers into work with zero protections.

For more information on the campaign of Will Lehman, visit WillforUAWPresident.org