International Committee of the Fourth International, 1992
Fourth International Journal: The End of the USSR

This is the 1992 edition of Fourth International, at that time the annual theoretical journal produced by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI).

The first major section of the volume is devoted to the documents of the World Conference of Workers against Imperialist War and Colonialism which was held by the International Committee in Berlin on November 16-17, 1991. The conference provided an assessment of the political situation in the aftermath of the war in Iraq, as well as the crisis in the Soviet Union, where the Stalinist bureaucracy was carrying out the dissolution of the gains of the 1917 October Revolution and restore capitalism.

The conference also drew a political balance sheet of the protracted struggle waged by the Trotskyist movement against the Soviet bureaucracy and against the apologists for Stalinism in the Pabloite opportunist international led by Ernest Mandel.

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  1. Editorial
  2. Yugoslavia: Its Meaning for World Labor
  3. A Historic Victory for the Fourth International and the Working Class
  4. Resolution One: Build the Fourth International as the World Party of Socialist Revolution
  5. Discussion on Resolution 1
  6. Resolution 2: The Struggle against Imperialist War and Colonialism
  7. Discussion on Resolution Two at Berlin conference
  8. Resolution Three: On the Defense of the Working Class in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
  9. Discussion on Resolution Three at Berlin conference
  10. Resolution Four: For the International Defense of Class War Prisoners
  11. Discussion on Resolution 4
  12. Resolution Five: Youth and the Struggle for Socialism
  13. Resolution Six: Open the Archives of the KGB!
  14. Resolution Seven: Support the Miners of Vorkuta
  15. Resolution 8: In Honor of Comrade Bill Brust
  16. Resolution Nine: In Honor of the Memory of Comrade Keerthi Balasuriya and Comrades Piyadasa, Gunapala, Pitawela and Geekiyanage
  17. Resolution Ten: In Honor of Comrade Tom Henehan
  18. After the Demise of the USSR: The Struggle for Marxism and the Tasks of the Fourth International
  19. Letter to Russian Minister of Justice Nikolai Fedorov
  20. The Lessons of the August Putsch and the Tasks before the Soviet Working Class
  21. Trotskyism Vindicated: The Collapse of Stalinism and the Tasks of the Fourth International
  22. After the August Putsch: Soviet Union at the Crossroads
  23. Trotsky’s Analysis of the Soviet Union Has Been Vindicated by History
  24. The End of the USSR
  25. Spartacist League Member Reported Murdered in Moscow
  26. The Murder of Martha Phillips
  27. Subjectivism and Spartacist
  28. Imperialists on a Collision Course
  29. The European Community Summit at Maastricht: A Step towards War
  30. Election Manifesto of the International Communist Party: A Socialist Strategy for a Workers Government
  31. After the British Elections: The Way Forward
  32. The Meaning of the Regional Elections in France
  33. State Elections in Germany: A Warning for the Working Class
  34. Repression in East Timor
  35. India After the Breakup of the Soviet Union
  36. Indian Stalinism in Crisis
  37. 10 Years since the PATCO Strike: Lessons of a Decade of Betrayals
  38. One Year after the Gulf Crisis
  39. Workers League 1992 Election Platform: A Socialist Program for the Working Class
  40. From PATCO to Caterpillar: Labor at the Crossroads
  41. Betrayal at Caterpillar
  42. The Fraud of Imperialist “Democracy
  43. Build a Haitian Section of the Fourth International!
  44. Repression in Haiti
  45. Behind the February Agreement in Haiti
  46. Bill Brust (1919-1991): Fighter for Trotskyism
  47. On the 25th Anniversary of the Workers League
  48. Founding Conference of the Canadian International Workers Party
  49. The Defense of Roger Cawthra
  50. Cawthra Speaks to Australian Workers on Video
  51. Statement by Sri Lankan Trotskyists on the Cawthra Case
  52. International Action against US Labor Frame-Ups
  53. International Pickets Oppose Frame-Up of Roger Cawthra
  54. Colombo Picket Attacked
  55. In Defense of the Indian Trotskyists
  56. On the Victimization of Hanne Levien
  57. Mandel and the NSSP: A Sinister Political Maneuver in Sri Lanka
  58. Opportunism and the British Elections
  59. The Fraud of the Mark Curtis Campaign
  60. 50 Years since the Smith Act Indictments
  61. When Roosevelt Put Socialism on Trial
  62. Theodore Dreiser: A Great American Novelist