The 1998 San Francisco International Film Festival

World Socialist Web Site arts editor David Walsh attended the 41st San Francisco International Film Festival, held April 23-May 7. Organizers presented some 174 films, 103 of them features, from 45 countries. The festival, the oldest in North America, makes a genuine effort to screen serious works. To what extent is it able, under prevailing conditions, to present intellectually and artistically challenging work? This series of commentaries addresses this question.

Blacklisted film director John Berry honored

25 films: the intriguing, the disappointing and the rest
Part 1 and Part II

Life in prison:
The Farm: Angola, USA,
directed by Jonathan Stack and Elizabeth Garbus

An interview with Jonathan Stack:
“What is this society going to do with the surplus humanity?”

Documentaries and semi-documentaries
at the San Francisco film festival

The camera never lies ...

Dirt in the soul:
A review of Green Fish
written and directed by Lee Chang-Dong