World Socialist Web Site publishes antiwar statement in Farsi

The World Socialist Web Site is publishing today the Editorial Board Statement “Stop the US war drive against Iran!” in Farsi, or Persian. Farsi is the official language of Iran, where it is spoken by more than half the country’s population of 70 million, as well as a significant Iranian diaspora around the world. Farsi dialects are also spoken in neighbouring Afghanistan and Central Asia. The dialect known as Dari is an official language in Afghanistan, where it is spoken by about a quarter of the population.

Originally posted in English on February 14, the WSWS statement condemns the Bush administration’s provocative military and political preparations for an attack on Iran. While opposing the US war drive, the statement does not give any political support to Iran’s reactionary clericalist regime. It advances a socialist and internationalist perspective to unify workers throughout the Middle East and Central Asia with the working class in America and around the world.

In posting the statement in Farsi, the World Socialist Web Site is seeking to broaden the discussion with workers, intellectuals and young people about the necessity of building an independent movement of the working class on the basis of genuine socialist principles. We invite comment and feedback from Farsi readers. We hope to publish further WSWS articles and statements in Farsi in the future.